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    Noam Morginstin Noam Morginstin
    Jan 09 2 min read

    What Led Us To Start Building Exigence?

    What led us to start building exigence

    Updated:Mar 20

    Hi everybody, this is our first blog post, so we wanted to share with you what led us to start building Exigence.

    Getting to Know Us:

    My name is Noam Morginstin and I am an Industrial Engineer who has been focusing all of my professional life on efficiency of human processes and how to enhance them with Information Systems. The last position I held, was at a great software company that transitioned the offering from on-premise to providing cloud based services to their customers.

    Sagi Keren-Haselkorn, my Co-Founder, is an experienced R&D manager and worked for a large online service provider, where he built and operated large cloud based systems that served businesses and handled big data.

    Identifying the Problems

    When solutions are provided from the cloud, serving many users that access them online, either B2B or B2C, the issue of availability and quality of service becomes of utmost importance. These technical or cyber issues are considered to be critical incidents if they affect or potentially affect the business

    Every problem with the service provider’s systems affects many users/enterprise customers or will affect them if not handled properly and learned from.

    Implementing the Solution

    Problems are solved by people; in these situations, the service provider’s teams have to be prepared, react quickly and accurately, collaborate and orchestrate efficiently and update customers, management and stakeholders. In addition, the knowledge that is generated during the event should be retained and documented for the sake of post-mortem root cause analysis.

    How do you do this effectively? How do you have everybody “on the same page” when they are not in the same place, joining at different points and having different roles? How do you generate an event summary with the click of a button?

    New call-to-action

    Exigence is focused exactly on solving this problem and provides a platform to manage tech and cyber issues, end to end, from training & simulation, managing critical incidents with all it’s participants, and documenting and learning, post event.

    Critical Incident Management

    Critical Incident Management